Snapped a pic of some of the canvas giclees that will be...

Snapped a pic of some of the canvas giclees that will be available during my “Oops Sale” on my Facebook page ( Tuesday 11/26 at 7pm PST. I will also have paper prints.
For those not familiar, here’s how it works: I will post up pic of the signed paper or canvas print along with its size and the reason for the “oops”…for instance, a print could have a small dent or scratch, the color could be inconsistent with the original painting, the print was produced on the wrong sized paper, there’s a crinkle in the corner of the paper, or I am overstocked. Prices are typically 50% off and range from $10-$125 and include shipping anywhere in the US (overseas, peeps, please be prepared to kick down a few extra bucks for shipping), prints are first come first served in the comment area of each post, and payment should be made immediately after winning via PayPal (where you can use your PP account, debit, or credit card). Just know that I would never give you a crappy print—I want you to be happy with your purchase and I seriously doubt that anyone but me would notice a flaw. So let’s have some pre-holiday, deal-hunting fun!
* Dog not included

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