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Meeting @davidlozeau at Wild West Avenue

To see more of David’s quirky skull and skeleton imagery, follow @davidlozeau on Instagram.

“I like creating art that lives on the corner of Day of the Dead Street and Wild West Avenue,” explains David Lozeau (@davidlozeau). The graphic designer-turned-artist relocated from New Hampshire to California in 2004 and “instantly got inspired by the people, culture, music, food and Mexican folk art.” He also adds, “I love old Spaghetti Western movies, too.”

David first dusted off his brushes and started painting as a creative outlet to combat work drudgery. In order to pay for all the supplies he went through, David started selling his works at small street fairs. “It was an exhausting grind, but I learned a lot about myself and what I really wanted to do with my life, and eventually, my art earnings eclipsed my job earnings and I made the jump to working full-time for myself.”

The characters in David’s art remain unnamed, triggering the viewers’ imagination—they could be any one of us. “It’s less about who they were and more about that frozen moment in time—a visual altar to honor that split second.”

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