In case you don’t subscribe to my monthly newsletter, here’s last night’s message: I’m a working artist and my family business – made up of me, my girlfriend, her mom, and our naughty doggie Shipping Department – respects every dollar we make. After 10 years of painting professionally (and almost four years exclusively), it’s still very humbling that you spend your hard-earned money on my art. So please don’t think that I’m being dismissive of your support or financial situation when I do the following…

Instead of having a Black Friday Sale next weekend, we’re going to donate a percentage of the sales generated on my Web site to Animal Synergy (a small, local organization that rescues geriatric, special needs, and terminally ill animals from death row at Animal Control in order to give them a safe, loving environment for whatever time they have left).

So basically, the dollars you would have saved on your purchase are now being passed onto them. Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

You can read the rest and find out more about the charity here: #davidlozeau #xmas #christmas #charity