We're all accustomed to seeing mega sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but instead of giving you a discount on my art, a large percentage of our sales will benefit Animal Synergy, which is a small, local, non-profit organization that rescues geriatric, special needs, and terminally ill dogs from death row at Animal Control in order to give them a safe, caring environment for whatever time they have left.

I say "our sales" because the money you would have saved and a lot of the money I would have made during this busy shopping weekend will be passed onto animals that need it far more than we do. It's an easy way that we (together) can give generously to some sweet, old souls that deserve a little love and kindness this holiday season.

I encourage you to celebrate the holidays a bit differently this year by donating to a charity of your choice in the name of family and/or friends. 

Thank you, as always, for supporting my art and shenanigans!



And Happy Holidays from The Shipping Department (past and present)!