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Animal Art by David Lozeau

Whether you're an animal lover or nature observer, study entomology or enjoy mythology, these wild works by David Lozeau are smilemakers because they put creatures from land, sea, and sky at the front and center. Sure, there are other DLo paintings that feature our furry, scaly, or feathered friends, but these pieces truly highlight critters big and small.

Nobody puts beastie in a corner.

Ethereal Beauty from $5.00
The Hummingbird from $100.00
Plague Doctor from $40.00
The Dead End Band from $16.00 $20.00
Fur Family from $80.00 $100.00
Friends in High Places from $80.00 $100.00
Tree of Life from $80.00 $100.00
Kindred Spirits from $16.00 $20.00
In the Meadow from $30.00 $40.00
The Cardinal from $20.00
Precarious Perch from $80.00 $100.00
The Gatekeepers from $100.00
Melody for the Mission from $32.00 $40.00
Blissful Bellows from $80.00 $100.00
Jungle Perch from $80.00 $100.00
The Golden Rule from $80.00 $100.00

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