David Lozeau is a famous Day of the Dead painter who creates unique characters in his distinctive, illustrative style. Bold, colorful, and wholly original, David's iconic art depicts skeleton musicians, deep-sea creatures, wild west bandidos, doe-eyed animals, and high-octane motorsports, appealing to a wide variety of collectors across the globe.

Animal Art

Whether you're an animal lover or nature observer, study entomology or enjoy mythology, these wild works are smilemakers because they put creatures from land, sea, and sky at the forefront. Sure, there are other DLo paintings that feature our furry, scaly, or feathered friends, but these pieces highlight critters big and small. Nobody puts beastie in a corner.

Clothes & Accessories

David Lozeau is known for his bold, unique skeleton paintings, but he also breaks from routine by slapping his signature skull designs on comfy wearables like shirts and hats, home goods like coffee cups and tiki mugs, and fun items like playing cards and children's books in order to turn his paintings into something entirely new.

Day of the Dead Art

David Lozeau creates unique Day of the Dead art with a non-traditional twist, injecting his modern, illustrative style into the centuries-old Dia de los Muertos subject matter. Quirky skeleton characters with fine details and expressive skulls practically jump off vibrant backgrounds, turning blah walls into conversation pieces.

Love Art

David Lozeau paintings depict a variety of badass subject matter, from Old West shootouts to octopus invasions to military battles to samurai sword fights...but when push comes to shove, aren't we all just big softies? If you like your romance with a dash of the Day of the Dead, this is the place for you.

Lowbrow Art

Lowbrow Art is an outsider's safe haven; the imagery and attitude fly in the face of "highbrow" concepts and David's humorous approach and distinctive style put a high shine on Lowbrow subjects like hot rod hooligans, pop culture paramours, other-worldy warfare, and mythological monsters.

Military Art

From the dusty plains of a young America to the snowy trenches of Western Europe to the rocky deserts of the Middle East, David Lozeau casts a spotlight on warriors and their weaponry with his character-driven, Dia de los Muertos paintings that convey the pride, honor, and sacrifice of brave servicepeople all over the world.

Nautical Art

Sunset seascapes, flashy sailboats, and vast harbors--none of these themes are common to the weird underwater world of David Lozeau. Whether he's breathing new life into old-timey whalers, putting a briny spin on mythical sea creatures, or skelefying mermaids, there's always an interesting aquatic tall tale being told.

New to the Store

David Lozeau is one of the most prolific artists around and these are his latest creations. This section updates as fresh designs are added to the site, so come back often to see the new new.

Phone Cases

Put some style (and maybe some skeletons) on your phone! These one-piece, plastic cell phone cases feature unique designs by David Lozeau, offer a slim profile, provide protection for the phone's corners and edges, and enable access to all ports and controls.

Sale Items

David Lozeau is a painter of banditos and sculptor of monsters--and giver of good deals! This is the place to shop when you don't want to break the bank on yourself, family, co-workers, or your buddy with a home bar. They're also ace for gift exchanges like Secret Santa, White Elephant, or Yankee Swap.

Warrior Art

David Lozeau paints cultural Thunderdomers in his unique, illustrative Day of the Dead style to capture the very essence of the mighty warrior spirit. From sword-wielding geisha to gun-toting commando, and Polynesian Kings to Native American Chiefs, Lozeau puts a bold, modern twist on the fiercest death-bringers throughout history.

Western Art

The Old West summons images of land rushes, Mexican banditos, the Pony Express, six shooters, Native American tribes, the transcontinental railroad, and a gritty world bustling just beyond the federal government’s reach. And that’s the story Lozeau tells through his unique style of Wild West Dia de los Muertos artwork.