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Day of the Dead Art by David Lozeau

David Lozeau creates Day of the Dead art in a non-traditional way, injecting modern, Lowbrow style into the centuries-old Dia de los Muertos subject matter. He paints unique, expressive skeleton characters and layers enamel over acrylics and gouache to achieve fine details and a smooth, bright finish for his graphic novelesque presentation. This is his way of celebrating and paying homage to his favorite time of year.


Amor Eterno from $5.00
We Just Fit from $5.00
We Just Fit Shirt from $24.00
Anchored in Love from $5.00
Any Way You Can from $5.00
Devil's DeVille from $100.00
Big Bad Moto Mama from $5.00
Bottoms Up from $5.00
Bottoms Up Shirt from $24.00
Cat Mom from $5.00
Doggie Ditty from $5.00
Ascension from $16.00 $20.00
Band on the Run from $16.00 $20.00
Blissful Bellows from $80.00 $100.00
Bound by Love from $16.00 $20.00
Bounty of Life from $16.00 $20.00
Bug-o-Matic from $5.00
Built to Last from $16.00 $20.00
Chained To You from $5.00
Date Night from $20.00
Death Waits for No One from $80.00 $100.00
Dia de los Gatos from $20.00
Dia de los Perros from $20.00
Dos Mariachis from $16.00 $20.00
El Guitarrista from $5.00
El Trompetista from $80.00 $100.00
El Violinista from $32.00 $40.00
Eterno from $16.00 $40.00
Ethereal Beauty from $5.00
Evel of Guadalupe from $20.00
Father Time from $16.00 $20.00
For Love and Country from $16.00 $20.00
Forever from $5.00
Fur Family from $80.00 $100.00
Hell Hath No Fury from $16.00 $20.00

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