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David Lozeau is one of the most prolific artists around and these are his latest creations.

This section will update as fresh designs are added to the site, so come back often to see what's new from DLo's Day of the Dead, Wild WestLowbrow, Military, Nautical, and Warrior collections.


I Love Moo Shirt from $24.00
Cruisin' Shirt from $24.00
I Love Moo from $5.00
Hogs and Kisses from $5.00
Owl Always Love U from $5.00
Special Delivery from $5.00
Cat Mom Shirt from $24.00
Snow Savage Shirt from $24.00
Doggie Ditty Shirt from $24.00
Lead and Iron from $40.00
Spark of Love from $5.00
Doggie Ditty from $5.00
Cat Mom from $5.00
Big Bad Moto Mama from $5.00
Snow Savage from $5.00
Bottoms Up Shirt from $24.00
The Archer from $40.00
Monsters of Rock from $5.00
Summon the Spirits from $20.00
Harley Hillclimber from $20.00
Bound by Love from $16.00 $20.00

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