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Special Edition David Lozeau Art Fender Stratocasters

David Lozeau teamed up with Fender to create four special edition Stratocaster designs to bring his colorful, distinctive Lowbrow style to the guitar world.

The blue "Dragon" model highlights David's passion for Japanese lore and his antique "Rose Tattoo" model is a nod to the beauty and heartbreak of music. The red "Sacred Heart" model reflects Lozeau's love for traditional Day of the Dead iconography, while his orange "Tree of Life" model conveys his playful, modern take on the centuries-old celebration.

Designed for comfort and performance, each piece of playable art in this limited run features a modern neck with a contemporary “C”-shaped profile, a smooth back finish, and a laser-etched Lozeau neck plate.

The guitars were available on the Fender site, as well as from a number of online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores.




Fender Custom Shop

For NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), David also painted and aged two Stratocaster guitars for the Fender Custom Shop's invite-only dealer preview night, where industry insiders gathered to snatch up unique guitars for stores and private collections. Master Builder Dale Wilson put the war machines together and both WWII nose art pieces, named the Rat-A-Tat Strats (Bomber version and Tank version), sold to international buyers.


Related Art

During NAMM, David painted three new Stratocaster guitar-themed pieces (Underwater Strat, Day of the Dead Strat, and Koi Dragon Strat) in the Fender booth to serve as entertainment and a visual aid for event attendees. He was able to convey the concepts and craftmanship of his Special Edition Artist Series and draw the correlation between the guitar body and his canvas.

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