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$2 Discontinued Mini Prints

Barnyard Band
Board Track Racers
Border Bug
Captain and Teal
Cruisin' and Boozin'
Death Valley
El Gato Borracho
Got Your Six
Isn't It Rumantic
Kindred Spirits
La Sirena
Love is Love
Lucha Lovers
Melt My Heart
Mommy and Me
Monarch Mates
Ocean Dweller
One Tequila, Two Tequila
Party Barge
Pirate's Booty
R.I.P. Current
Rest in Pieces
Rise of the Geisha
Seeds of Love
Spirit of a Nation
Suicide Shifter
Tequila Mockingbird
The Bony Buskers
The Hummingbird
The Last Stand
The Peloton
Tiki Towing

It was fun while it lasted, but these Mini Prints need to be retired in order to make room for new designs. They'll be on sale for $2 for as long as inventory exists--and then they're gone for good!


Each mini print has a full-color, glossy image on the front and a matte, blank back.

Frame it like a painting!
Pop it in a standard 4" x 6" frame to decorate a wall or desk...these make great gifts.

Use it like a note card!
Acknowledge a birthday, anniversary, or wedding...or something big like Taco Tuesday.

Mail it like a postcard!
Slap on a stamp and send it the old fashioned's like a text that takes a week to get there. :/