Mares of Diomedes


This large-scale painting features three of the four Mares of Diomedes...Podagros (the fast), Lampon (the shining), and Deinos (the terrible). One of the Twelve Labours of Heracles in Greek mythology was to steal the mares who were said to be wild, uncontrollable, man-eating horses.

Painting Process
The background was painted with light and airy acrylics, while the horses were painted and splattered with a full can of black 1 Shot enamel.

Paper Prints
The 8 x 10 and 12 x 18 Mares of Diomedes prints are produced with archival ink on glossy paper and are perfect for those of you who prefer to frame your art.

Canvas Prints
The ready-to-hang Mares of Diomedes canvas prints are produced with archival ink on museum-grade, gallery-wrapped canvas and extend 1.25 inches off the wall, so there's no need for a frame. There are several sizes available and each limited-edition giclee is signed and numbered out of only 40 Artist Proofs. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery of canvas prints, as they are custom-built at the time the order is placed.