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Neck Gaiter


Grab a gaiter and go do stuff in style!

These washable sleeves are made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane, so they are soft, breathable, and stretchy.

Printed with some of DLo's favorite designs, these colorful accessories can function as a quick face covering, comfy skull cap, or lightweight neck warmer.

Please Note: These are helpful safety accessories, but are not approved personal protective equipment. Please take extra precautions and adhere to distancing guidelines. Also, these are one-size-fits-all accessories in theory, but of course, every body is different and these may, in fact, be too tight or not tight enough on you.

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery, as this item is custom-printed at the time the order is placed. Also, there are no exchanges, returns, or refunds unless the item was misprinted or damaged in transit.