Santa Muerte


Santa Muerte rests atop her skeletal horse as lost souls grasp at her long gown.

Painting Process
This oversized canvas was hand-stretched and coated with gesso to create a smooth foundation, then spray painted with various shades of red, orange, and brown enamel to a produce a chaotic, swirled background.

Traditional Mexican Folk Art elements and filigree were added around the edges, several layers of white acrylic paint were applied to obscure some of the finer details, and tinted glazes were washed over the entire surface to unify the colors.

Black enamel darkens the patron Saint of Death and her evil steed, while negative space highlights their tattered forms.

Paper Prints
The 8 x 10 Santa Muerte prints are produced with archival ink on glossy paper and are perfect for those of you who prefer to frame your art.